Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Word on Free Premium Channel Previews

Currently I have DISH satellite, mostly because I live so far out that I can only receive one broadcast channel with an indoor antenna. I suppose I could buy an outdoor one but I do like the addition of some of the basic channels and the news.
But it's mostly because,so far, I still enjoy watching the NFL in the fall.

Anyway, every once in awhile they'll have free previews of some of the premium channels. You know, like Showtime,HBO,Encore,Starz and so one. I guess it's to entice you to buy the premium channels but for me it makes me happy I haven't bothered.
This weekend it's Starz and Encore and basically there's just a few "newer" movies I'm interested in seeing, which is a good thing because they just keep showing them over and over. The rest of the time they'll show older movies that I've seen before and most of the time I'm not interested in seeing them again.

I have Amazon so if I wish to see a newer release the rental is about a dollar cheaper than PPV on DISH.
So if they're trying to entice someone to subscribe to their premium services I would think they would perhaps offer more than 2 or 3 newer movies a month because after those turning the channel and reminding yourself that you're really not missing anything seems to be counter-productive.

In other words they'll not be seeing me subscribing to their premium channels anytime soon.


Third News said...

Isn't the purpose of living "so far out" is to get away from TV?

For entertainment, you can try omphaloskepsis ;-)

systolic said...

For me the purpose of living so far out is to get kids to stay off my lawn. :)

Third News said...

I'm jealous of people who have a nemoral hideaway.