Sunday, September 15, 2013

Local Arkansas Media Appalled by Bigot Parents

This was posted at WeaselZippers under the title, Arkansas Teacher Attempts To Sneak Muslim Speaker In To Her Class On 9/11, Shocked To Learn Parents Not Happy About It….
Which is true but after viewing the news "report" my take on it was a little different.
The reporting seems pretty biased against the parents who were opposed to having their children lectured by a Muslim on 9/11.
Most of the video leans sympathetically towards the "different point of view" position as opposed to why parents might be concerned about their children being forced to hear one side only on the anniversary of a terror attack by the very people who hold the same view as the speaker.

 The only opposing interview they have is by one "anonymous" parent, as if they wouldn't or couldn't find others who were willing to share their opposition openly. The inference being that anyone who opposes the talk are cowards. It's not just what the media says that's biased, it's how they present it.
Reporting facts seems to be just as hard on the local level as it is on the national level.


Third News said...

A school's curriculum is the business of parents, not the personal POV of a teacher, and they have a right to be informed on all lecturing guests, along with their name, and topic.

The fact that this simple courtesy was not implemented, suggests a fefnicute on the teacher's part.

The teacher's guest is referenced as a "neighbor", a rather innocuous term -interesting that he doesn't have a name, isn't it?

systolic said...

All of my children are adults now but the "teacher knows best" attitude has been around for decades.
When I was a kid parents and communities had more control over their children's education because schools were more locally controlled. The shift began when the federal government got involved.

Third News said...

I know nothing of public education, but I could not help think the news of teachers rejecting the union process may be a trend to regain community control too.

systolic said...

It'll have to spread like wildfire. The teachers unions still have control of the majority of schools.