Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Two Faces of John McCain

I found this video of John McCain facing his constituents at a town hall meeting on my timeline on facebook and found it kind of interesting on a couple of levels.
Aside from the guy telling him if it was up to him McCain and most  politicians in DC should be arrested for treason for aiding and abetting the enemy. When if you think about it it's about the only conclusion you can come to because it seems that they do their best to support Al-Qaeda in Libya, Egypt and Syria.

His response is basically it's beneath him to dignify the accusation. Even though it seems pretty apparent that he wants to provide air support for Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria.
The other thing that struck me though was his assertion that he's been re-elected 8 times so that signifies to him that his constituents in Arizona approve of what he's doing. (even though there is an attempt to recall him)

But the fact is to get re-elected the last time he pretty much out and out lied about his position on amnesty and people might have figured that he learned his lesson about listening to those who elected him.

Remember this?

He got himself re-elected and then turned right around and started working for amnesty again dragging Marco Rubio down the RINO hole with him.

The point is that in John McCain's mind he get elected again so he owes the voters nothing, he answers to no one but John McCain. The fact is if he decides to run again he'll just lie about giving a damn about the voters......again.
The question is will the voters fall for it a 9th time?

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