Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Faux Outrage?

It seems that mocking dear leader has become verboten.

Outrage over Outhouse Labeled 'Obama's Presidential Library'
TUCUMCARI, N.M. - Most Presidential libraries are constructed after the President completes his term. However, according to KOAT-ABC, a New Mexico man has determined the location for President Obama's library and has marked it with a sign that is sparking controversy in one small town.
The sign rests on top of an outhouse. It reads: Obama's Presidential Library.~snip~

Add this to the list of inappropriate things we're not allowed to do to mock the Obamessiah, along with wearing masks while rodeo clowning.

Funny thing is I don't remember a whole lot of liberal/commie media hyperventilating when this was proposed.

 'George W Bush Sewage Plant' Proposed In San Francisco

The comments at the above story should tell you all you need to know about left wing hypocrisy.

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