Friday, September 20, 2013

Weiner Claims he's no Idiot, I beg to Differ

You know I just can't think of anything else as symbolic of the total disconnect of democrat politicians from the voters than Anthony Weiner.

The state of denial that they exist in is pretty epic, from Angela Giron's and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's insistence that there is "voter suppression" going on out there to Weiners assertion that no one should care about him waving his dong around online.

Anthony Weiner: 'I'm not an idiot'
In his first national media interview since losing the New York City mayoral primary, former Rep. Anthony Weiner joined Geraldo Rivera for a nearly 20-minute appearance on Rivera’s radio show Friday, taking responsibility for his loss while also blaming the media for focusing on his sexting scandal.
As he did on the trail, Weiner said he tried to run a campaign on the issues, but he admitted that revelations of further sexting after his resignation from Congress led to his loss.
“If you’re breaking the news here that the scandal and how it came back and the new things that came out … more things came out, yes of course, I’m not an idiot, I know it succeeded in derailing my campaign,” Weiner told Rivera, who said he was an early supporter of Weiner’s candidacy but was surprised when news came out that Weiner’s online interactions with women continued as long as they did.
“I took this campaign, frankly, on a bet, and that was that something at the end of the day that was behind me should not stop me,” Weiner said.
“Ten months behind you, that’s like yesterday,” Rivera responded.
Weiner repeatedly told Rivera he tried to run on the issues, but the media wasn’t having it, saying there is a “disconnect between people in your business” and citizens’ concerns.
“You had every tabloid in New York going bananas trying every day to derail me,” Weiner said. “None of the newspapers ever attacked my issues, none of the other candidates even bothered to take me out on the issues because they knew I would beat them.”~snip~
Politics is a rough game so why bother dealing with issues when your opponent can remind people that your name is Weiner and you like taking selfies all day and sending them to various women online?
The very idea that the press would ignore something like that in favor of "issues" is, quite frankly, the thought process of an idiot.
Which is the same thought process of Angela Giron and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who both believe that their positions on any issue is so awesome that the only way they could possibly lose is if voters are oppressed.

Makes you wonder how conservatives can possible lose to these people.

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Third News said...

Their autolatry is not shared by others -they don't get it