Saturday, September 7, 2013

Anti-war Sounds of Silence

One of the interesting thing about peace prize winner Barack Obama's planned intervention in Syria is the apparent tacit approval he's been getting from the formally anti-war celebrity left.
Or maybe there's another reason for their absence?

14 Principled Anti-War Celebrities We Fear May Have Been Kidnapped

There maybe other reasons why we're not being saturated by news about their opposition. Maybe being smarter than all the rest of us because being actors or musicians gives them a unique insight into the nuanced difference between G.W. Bush going to war to respond to an actual attack on our soil as opposed to Obama interfering in a middle east civil war because he misspoke about some arbitrary "red line".

Then again there's the possibility that the Obama worshipping leftist/commie media, who's ignored every Obama administration scandal from Fast and Furious to Benghazi to IRS retaliation for Tea party groups who oppose the Obamessiah , may deliberately not be giving these paragons if intellectual virtue the coverage they seem to think they deserve.

Which is silly because how can so many low information voters form an opinion without celebrity guidance?


Third News said...

If the celebrities were victims of a massive plagium plot, would that be bad news?

The link is hysterical -I might use it later

systolic said...

Here's a little bit more background about the linked story.