Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Most Shameful 5+ Minutes of the Republican Party

John McRINO, who was re-elected because he lied through his teeth about border security, shows us one more time why elections have consequences.
I don't think anyone has done as much damage to conservatives or the republican party than John McCain.
He's "hinted" at retirement in 2016 but the truth is the Arizona GOP has finally started distancing themselves from him. Better late than never I suppose, how they could have supported him all this time is beyond me.
We'll never be able to move forward and bring real change until all the entrenched RINO's are called out for their lying and backstabbing.
I can't wait to see McRINO fade off into the sunset.

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Third News said...

I think he's done the Republican party a favor; their RINO, nummamorous, and double-dealing nature is evident.

The new Republicans need to send them all thank-you cards