Tuesday, September 3, 2013

McCain the Moron:Update, More RINO's Join in

Why in the world is this old RINO pushing so hard for a military response in Syria?
Also how is "Allahu Akbar!!" equivalent to shouting "Thank God!!"?

I have yet to see a video of American service men yelling "thank God" when they blow the hell out jihadis. Maybe because it isn't a religious obligation for them.

What is laughable is that Obama seems to think that having McCain on his side will somehow influence anybody other than the few RINO's who aligned themselves with him and his good friends "across the aisle". The way he has consistently turned on conservatives and republicans it's any wonder that their isn't a big "D" with a little "r" beside his name when the media reports on the stupid shit he says.

Oh yeah, the myth of the "moderate" jihadi has been thoroughly debunked.

Boehner and Cantor jump on the Obama bus.
The republican party has now become officially irrelevant.

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