Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weiners Real Parting Shot

Man this guy has got to run for something again, the medias humiliation of his mayoral bid was hilarious and another constant reminder of the disdain that liberal democrats hold for the citizens of this country.

Anthony Weiner caps failed comeback bid with obscene gesture
Anthony Weiner, after losing badly in the New York mayoral primary Tuesday night, bid farewell to the campaign in a manner befitting the foul-mouthed candidate -- by flipping the bird after delivering his concession speech.
The timeless image, showing the disgraced former congressman giving the middle finger to a New York reporter, was captured by NY1 News and posted to Twitter Tuesday night.
The picture quickly surged across social media, putting a bow on the entire wild ride of Weiner's failed attempt at a political career comeback.
Though Weiner once led the pack as he asked voters for a second chance on the heels of his sexting-while-in-Congress scandal, that advantage quickly diminished after he admitted to another bout of sexting after he left Congress.
He finished with just 5 percent of the vote. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio was in the lead, with about 40.2 percent of the total vote, which puts him a whisker above the 40 percent threshold needed to avoid triggering an automatic Oct. 1 runoff. ~snip~
If anything shows how out of touch liberal/commie democrats are from reality this is a perfect example. He comes out saying he's rehabilitated himself from displaying his junk on the innerwebs and then revelations pop up that says he didn't.
He blames the bad press of course.
I mean how dare the media report on his perverted behaviour so the voters can decide if he's qualified to be mayor?

There's still hope for Weiner of course cause he supports gay rights, if you do that then anything can be forgiven.


Third News said...

Personally, I will miss him but I predict, not for long.

I am willing to bet, Weiner will be on television as an expertologist, and on one of the dying many choices

systolic said...

I'm sure he'll pop up somewhere his ego won't allow him to be ignored.

Third News said...

I most definitely agree -he'll be popping up all over the internet too.

I expect a book and divorce within the year. If Weiner's lucky, another politician/public figure will be caught with his pants down, thus giving him a chance to hone his media commenter chops -à la Spitzer

systolic said...

Yeah but the question is can any other politician show his ass and wang as well as Weiner?

Third News said...

Yes, and it will be through the creative nature of the free market.

Sydney Leathers established the cash/earnings value of sexting photographic evidence -Tiger Woods'13 mistresses either didn't get him to 'say cheese' or he bought the digital proofs.

Next girl/guy, will use this new economic model and will tweak the creative content; ergo
"ass and wang"+ ∞ imagination= $