Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Predictability of the Liberal Media

I'm flabbergasted by the liberal/commie media's attempt to constantly insult the intelligence of the average American.
Somehow a very small population of virulent anti-America self appointed busybodies have convinced an alarmingly large number people that they represent the opinions of a majority of citizens.

The way they do it is by simply lying their asses off and they do it as quickly and forcefully as possible before anyone else can possibly get any facts.
Then, even after the facts start coming out, they continue to lie.
Just a quick look at the headlines on memeorandum can show you that.

Navy Yard shooting: AR-15, back in the news -- briefly

Lupica: AR-15 is the rifle for the 'sport' of hunting humans

NY Daily News Slams ‘Made For Murder’ AR-15 After Navy Yard Shooting (PHOTO)

The above are just some of the examples you can find but the only problem is that the shooter didn't use an AR-15 his weapon of choice was a shotgun. So of course CNN, in an effort to push more gun control creates the AR-15 shot gun.

Gun control is an issue that the liberal/commie media is not doing very well at but that doesn't mean that they won't continue to lie and propagandize in a desperate attempt to force their beliefs on everyone.
While addressing the real issues of mental health behind these types of tragedies will get scant coverage allowing the problem to continue.

The liberal/commie media are not our friends and are not interested in anyones well being, what they are interested in is forcing their ideas and beliefs on us. Whether we like it of not.

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