Monday, September 2, 2013

The "Warrior President"

So this was going to be the guy who soothes our enemies and brings about a new respect for the United States and peace throughout the world huh?

Relief in Damascus, as Syrians mock Obama the 'coward'
AFP - "He who talks a lot doesn't act," said Souad, a Damascus resident, mocking US President Barack Obama as a "coward" for delaying a decision to attack the Syrian regime.
"Obama is a coward. He didn't strike because he knows that our President Bashar (al-Assad) is all-powerful," said the employee of nationality electricity firm Ferdaws, in the northeast of the capital.
In the wealthy neighbourhood people went about their business without seeming too worried about the thuds from intermittent shelling of rebel positions outside the city centre.
A similarly calm atmosphere prevailed at one of the area's traditional, men-only cafes, where some customers appeared more interested in winning at backgammon than by Obama's speech.
On Saturday the US president said he will ask US lawmakers to approve a strike on Syria when Congress returns from summer recess on September 9, effectively lifting the threat of an imminent attack.~snip~
Well I'd say the respect thing has pretty well gone down the tubes as Obama flip/flops on whether he has the power to strike militarily with or without the approval of congress. When they come back in session,which should be around Sept.9.
I'll be surprised if he remembers what he was going to ask them to vote on by then.

But the real question is what if congress says no?
He can't get a coalition of countries together with or without UN approval nor does the American public seem to support military intervention in Syria no matter how small it is to prevent world wide mockery.
He could of course order it anyway but as a commenter posted in a previous post the democrats would be against it because they're looking at the mid-term elections next year.
Also I'm sure it would certainly displease his base, even though the media's keeping silent about the anti-war left, if they have any objections to their messiahs intentions.

Either way Obama has himself in a pickle, he tried to roar like a lion but the sound that came out was a squeak.


Third News said...

"...Obama called the Syrian poison gas attack 'an assault on human dignity'"

The assault on human dignity was brought to us by the manufactures of chemical weapons -a fact that is ignored by the media.

It isn't that we are without sin, we supplied Saddam with his.

systolic said...

Which proves why we need to stay out of it.
Militarily and financially.
Nothing good can come from democrats wanting to intervene, just look at what their "wisdom" gave us in Vietnam.

Third News said...

Interesting comment about Vietnam, as all I know about it, is the treatment of the shameful treatment of returning soldiers.

Would history repeat itself? "Boots on the ground" would require punishing, and if Congress doesn't serve as the scapegoat, they are next in line

systolic said...

Vietnam was a democrat war with democrats drafting men to fight in it with no real strategy or goal laid out by democrats.
A good book to read how Johnson and McNamara bungled Vietnam policy is "In Retrospect" by McNamara himself.