Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Culture of Death Disrupts Texas Vote

Doing everything they can possibly do to retain the "right" to dismember babies in the womb right up to the moment of birth "prochoice" fanatics erupt in childish screaming to prevent a vote in Texas to limit abortions.

Not heard was the voices of the millions of babies discarded in medical waste containers over the years.

Texas abortion bill falls after dispute over vote
Texas' lieutenant governor acknowledged early Wednesday that Republicans missed their deadline to pass new abortion restrictions after protesters screamed down lawmakers as the final 15 minutes passed before the special legislative session's deadline.
Initially, Republicans insisted they had started voting before the midnight deadline and passed the bill that Democrats spent much of Tuesday filibustering. But after official computer records and printouts of the voting record showed the vote took place on Wednesday, and then were changed to read Tuesday, senators convened for a private meeting.
An hour later, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst was still insisting the 19-10 vote was in time, but said, "with all the ruckus and noise going on, I couldn't sign the bill."
He denounced the more than 400 protesters who staged what they called "a people's filibuster" from 11:45 p.m. to well past midnight. He denied mishandling the debate.
"I didn't lose control (of the chamber). We had an unruly mob," Dewhurst said. He then hinted that Gov. Rick Perry may immediately call another special session, adding: "It's over. It's been fun. But see you soon."~snip~
Leftists are all ready to have a "conversation" up until they realize they have lost the debate, then they turn to thug tactics and throwing a fit to get their way.
No wonder we can't have adult discussions, only one side behaves like grownups, the other like spoiled children.

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