Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pining for Jobs that may not Exist

Wow what a historic presidency, Obama pushing for all those really important things like repealing DADT, crippling the energy industry (thank god those jobs won't be available.
 Warning Christians around the world not to resist the Muslim Brotherhood and trying to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants to compete with the few jobs he and administration hasn't managed to destroy yet all the time neglecting those who want to enter the workforce.

Believe it or not these airheads who helped propel president failure into office have the nerve to complain that the opportunities they expect to be handed to them ain't there.

College Graduates Take Jobs They Don’t Want Every 5 Minutes
More than 120,000 college graduates who obtained a bachelor’s degree took jobs in fields other than those that they most preferred last year, which works out to an unwanted job taken every five minutes.
The numbers come from a recent report from McKinsey On Society, an online publishing forum for the consulting firm’s research on pressing social issues. The report says that 48 percent of college graduates took a job that required less than a four-year degree. Four to five times as many graduates are working in the retail and restaurant industries than would prefer to. The report also noted that 15 percent of taxi drivers have a college degree, up drastically from 1 to 2 percent in 1970.
In an interview with the Huffington Post, a recent college graduate, exasperated, said she’d take any job offered. “My ultimate goal right now is just to get a full-time job that has benefits; I don’t care if it’s in my field,” she said.
At a time when student debt has reached more than $1 trillion and Congress struggles to come up with a bipartisan plan to alleviate it, the fear of not being able to afford the bills is tangible for recent college graduates. ~snip~
Oh the horror, to swallow hope and change hook line and sinker and then to find out the world isn't made up of rainbows and unicorn farts.
Here we got an article about a bunch of self important little children who expert to go out into the world and get a cushy dream job that will make all their problems go away.
I guess there isn't that much of a demand for that BA in transgender lesbian feminist studies as they thought.

Under Obama's economy not only are there millions out of work right now but there are millions who, after years of trying, have given up altogether trying to find a job.
Quite a few, who I'm sure, have way more experience in that "preferred job" you're looking for.  

You voted him in and then watched him destroy the economy and then wonder why you can't get the job you think you're entitled to.

Now you get to feel the pain you inflicted on the rest of the country while you spent 4 years insulated from reality by mommy and daddy.
Not a lot of sympathy here.

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