Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lib. Media vs. Keystone Kops

So it seems that all these reporters boarded an Aeroflot plane bound for Cuba and missed Snowden by thiiissss much.....

Search still on for Edward Snowden as Aeroflot plane lands in Cuba without whistleblower on board
Russian reporters on board the flight and foreign press gathered at Havana airport reported no sightings of Snowden or any unusual security.
When the captain of the Aeroflot plane emerged from customs he was surrounded by photographers. He pulled out his own camera, took picture of the photographers and said "No Snowden, no." 
Members of the aircraft's crew also told reporters on the plane soon after take-off that Snowden was not on board.
The founder of the WikiLeaks secret-spilling organisation, Julian Assange, earlier insisted that, though he couldn't go into details about where Snowden was, knew said he was safe elsewhere. Snowden has applied for asylum in Ecuador, Iceland and possibly other countries, Assange said. ~snip~
They did get a picture of his empty seat though. Which should rank up there with other journalist gems

 such as Barbara Walters riveting question to Katherine Hepburn.
 "If you were a tree, what kind would you be?" 
There's modern journalism for you.

 I'm kind of torn about this, on the one hand I'm not really happy that this guy released classified information and is being used by countries that don't have our, or anybody else's, best interests at heart.
On the other hand it's kind of humorous the way it highlights Obama and his administration's ineptitude and incompetence when it comes to protecting our vital secrets and their ability to bumble diplomacy with other countries.

But, since most of Obama's base hates America and would be delighted to see us embarrassed I can believe that Obama isn't in a real hurry to have Snowden extradited and stand trial.
His commie base would howl like the damned if their hero was prosecuted.

Also the good news about him not making the plane is that we won't be subjected to the presses puffy fluffer pieces on what a great guy Snowden is.
Personally I think he should be brought back and face the consequences for his actions.
Lets face it, if his motivations were as altruistic as every left wing slobbering idiot claims then he would have stayed here and defended his actions.

BTW, the liberal/commie Obama media makes the Keystone Kops look competent in comparison.
At least they can find who they're looking for.


Third News said...

At a Stones' concert, Jagger just said “I don’t think President Obama is here tonight… But I’m sure he’s listening in.” and the crowd booed at the mention of President Obama's name. Methinks his base has had it

systolic said...

Could be, shame he had to get reelected first before they turned on him.
My understanding is they are pinning their hopes on Hillary for 2016.

Third News said...

I think she will be the front-runner again but their leadership debates will prove to be her swan song.

Promoting the Muslim film tale was foolish, and I don't see how she can distance herself from the Benghazi scandal.

systolic said...

I would love to believe that any democrat could be held accountable for their deliberate malfeasance but as long as they own our "free press" it'll never happen.

Look at NYC, Weiner exposed his junk all over the internets and yet he's the front runner for mayor.

They live in a world of no consequences.

Third News said...

I can't believe he's in the lead but New Yorkers elected Mayor Michael Bloomberg -so, they must like being told what to do and naked mayors