Thursday, June 27, 2013

The New Rainbow Nation

As I was watching all the liberal/commie news media yesterday slobbering uncontrollably over the decisions handed down by the Supreme Court, I couldn't help but reflect about how we got to this point.
Then I read Justice Scalia's dissent and realized that he got it right.
To question its high-handed invalidation of a presumptively valid statute is to act (the majority is sure) with the purpose to "dis- parage," "injure," "degrade," "demean," and "humiliate" our fellow human beings, our fellow citizens, who are homo- sexual. All that, simply for supporting an Act that did no more than codify an aspect of marriage that had been unquestioned in our society for most of its existence— indeed, had been unquestioned in virtually all societies for virtually all of human history. It is one thing for a society to elect change; it is another for a court of law to impose change by adjudging those who oppose it hostes humani generis, enemies of the human race.
This whole campaign to fundamentally change society was waged on a platform of hatred, threats, marginalization, patently false assertions and lies about a good many citizens of this country.
We wouldn't be at this point if the forces of "change" hadn't been able to effectively wage a war against religion in the name of tolerance. Without the liberal/commie media this wouldn't have been possible as they bent over backwards to silence opposing views.

Already the stage is set for future oppression, take the recent case of Paula Deen, who BTW was a big cheerleader for liberalism and "hope and change".
All this after it was revealed in a deposition that she uttered the n***** word 27 years ago.

I'm not defending her, I kind of enjoy it when liberals eat their own, but it is a harbinger of what's in store in the future.
I can see liberal news media talking heads asking people if they were "Jesus freaks" in the 70's or "are you now or have you ever been a member of a southern Baptist church" or attended a Catholic school?

With each step the gay friendly politically correct media and leaders make the greater the push will be to purge every last pocket of resistance to their desires.
This country won't be defeated by a foreign army, it will be defeated by the haters of freedom within.

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