Friday, June 21, 2013

Liberal Media FINALLY asks the Tough Questions

Eric Holder on the hot seat for "Fast and Furious"!!!
Nah just kidding.
Hillary Clinton pinned to the wall over Benghazi, pshaw, I mean "what difference does it make".

I'm watching the ABC evening news and you know what they led with?
Paula Deen and remarks she made in a deposition she gave that was vetted by....wait for it.... the National Enquirer. Cause apparently this is who the national media now turn to for their hard hitting news stories.
Who can blame them though, the New York Times has proven over and over again that it's nothing more than a partisan rag.

This story was so compelling that "real journalists" Matt Lauer and Al Roker fell all over themselves to try and book her live on the Today Show so they could show her groveling on live TV to apologize.
Ya know like they did with Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd.
Or the way they humiliated Lois Lerner of the IRS after she plead the 5th during congressional hearings.
Oh wait, that never happened.......because ABC didn't read about Lerner or Byrd in the National Enquirer, that's where the real news is cause we ain't getting it from ABC.
Instead all they got was a video posted on YouTube.

I hope nobody's wondering why this administration isn't being held accountable for it's incompetence because to me it's pretty obvious.


Third News said...

Interestingly, Paula Deen campaigned for President Barack Obama during the 2008 run

systolic said...

This is true, however what I was trying to convey was how vapid the liberal main stream media is by leading with something from the National Enquirer.
We should expect more from a free press that is supposed to be watching for and uncovering the incompetence and malfeasance of our ruling class.