Friday, June 28, 2013

Raging at Rubio

At one time Marco Rubio was considered a rising star of the Republican Party, but after a surprise  turning of principles he's become like any other RINO.
Interested in pandering to liberal/commie open border interests instead of protecting the middle class.

Go to here to his facebook page and let him know how you feel, along with thousands of other betrayed Americans.

Rubio you're toast.

Marco Rubio

Just a few postings: Names redacted.

  •  Liberals will sell their souls before they will betray their you became a sell-out. Just ONCE I would like to see a Republican who has honor, integrity, courage, and has the backbone to stand. I thought we had found that in you. Sadly, we did not....and I am so disappointed.
  •  I've often wondered if "they" didn't get Rubio involved in this precisely to destroy him...and he fell for it. I do believe the Dems were afraid of a Rubio run in 2016 and that he would swamp the Hispanic vote. This was a plan to take him out...and it has worked. Too bad he was too taken with himself to see this.
  • You just destroyed your political career. Whoever challenges you for the Senate on the conservative or libertarian side will get my support. You just destroyed any presidential aspirations you had. BTW, I have family that's Hispanic and I am totally against this pork laden horrific bill. You are a a power hungry fool.
  • They said you were a rising star. They said you were a young, fresh conservative. They were wrong. You sold us a democrat bill that will do nothing to help this nation. Thanks for nothing. You'll have to work extra hard to win the next election. Good luck with that. And if there is a next time, where a big "D".
  •  Well Obama has a "Minnie me" . We thought we had someone trustworthy . I believe all these politicians are reading from Obama's handbook . Lie to them tell them what they want to hear , then do what you damn please . 
  • Thank you for making me feel just as sick as I did the day Obama was re-elected . 
  • You have successfully helped destroy this country . Thank God that my faith is in him alone .
The gang of ocho, making friends at every turn.

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