Friday, June 28, 2013

Time to Turn on the GOP?

I got pointed to this article by a friend on Facebook.

A Big RIP to the GOP
Today I rescind all association with the Republican Party.  I will no longer allow my vote to be taken for granted by an entity whose interests have diverged so far from my own over the past quarter-century.  I will never again vote for a Republican candidate simply because he or she is less evil than his or her Democratic counterpart.  I'm tired of compromising my principles to support a party that has none.
Don't try to feed me the line that "I'm just playing into the Democrats' hands" or "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater."  The Republican bathwater has become so fouled by such stalwarts as Lindsey Graham and John McCain and their ilk that the poor baby immersed in it can no longer help being permanently corrupted and infected by it.  Look what it did to baby Marco, who just a few short months ago many were touting as the coming Conservative Messiah.  I'm happy to say I wasn't among them, but many feel extremely betrayed, and rightly so.  Be very careful, Senator Ayotte.
We often criticize black voters for their undying allegiance to the Democratic Party, which has operated counter to their interests for decades.  By giving the same measure of allegiance to the Republican Party, we conservatives are no better.  It's like battered wife syndrome: they promise us they won't do it again, and we keep supporting them and coming back for more.~snip~
There ain't anything here I can disagree with, the GOP has turned on conservatives over and over for years and so many of us just kept coming back for more.
For a lot of us it's become a vicious cycle, they keep throwing the same liberal pandering trash at us and we become stuck realizing that the garbage candidates we get are just barely marginally better than what the democrats put out there.
Then the RNC gives us a big old shit eating grin and basically says to us,"what choice you got chumps?".

Conservatives were actually mystified about why so many fellow conservatives stayed home when all they were offered was "Massachusetts Mitt", this after having McRINO forced down our throats.

Lots of people have talked about trying to rehabilitate the Republican party  but think about it, their response to being beaten in the last election was to try and figure out ways to surrender to the democrats on issues. To make themselves over to an even heavier "democrat lite".

There maybe no rehabilitation possible. If anyone can come up with another alternative (other than Ron Paul) then I'm in.

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