Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Infestation is Deeper than the IRS

A lot of people online are applauding this video of Rep. Trey Gowdy lecturing the IRS on their shameful waste of taxpayer money for their own enjoyment while other Americans are struggling to survive in Obama's economy.
As well they should, but as Gowdy says over and over, training will not solve the problem.
The real problem is the ensconced liberal/progressives that infest civil service from the top to the very bottom.
When the bright idea came up for IRS agents to single out opponents of the current regime doesn't it strike anyone as kind of odd that no one spoke up and possibly suggested that it might be wrong?
The reason is because they honestly believe that they are entitled to do whatever they choose to intimidate citizens into silence.

If anyone actually believes that hearings alone will cure what ails civil service then they are delusional.
To cure the government of what they are doing, which is actually declaring war on ordinary citizens of this country, an actual purge of these agencies is what is needed. A mass firing of partisan hacks who entered civil service for the sole purpose of forcing their ideas and beliefs on others. Instead of simply following the rules and regulations set down by congress.
If not then over time the corrupt liberal/progressive bureaucrats will slowly but surely go back to their "let them eat cake" attitudes and corrupt practices.
I worked in civil service for a short time and one thing I learned is that most loyalties with them lie in their unions and with liberal/progressive ideologies.
It was like that 30 years ago and I'm sure it's like that now on steroids.

Politicians come and go, bureaucrats go one forever.
Shrink and restructure civil service to actually serve their country, not create little fiefdoms who wield control over citizens without accountability.

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