Monday, June 10, 2013

Surveillance Nation

This video pretty much nails it as far as privacy goes. The mantra of "if you're doing nothing wrong then why do you care" kind of flies out the window.
The recent trend of reality TV has made the public numb about the idea of personal privacy. For some reason it's become trendy to reveal intimate aspects of our lives that in the past people wouldn't ordinarily talk about.
Do you really want everyone to know about that rash on your ass?
Because we are getting ready to reveal that kind of information, not to a doctor or even anyone we authorize, but to the IRS.
A government agency who has already demonstrated that they will use your information however they please.
We're about to lose the ability to control our private information and turn it over completely to the government,who so far, has shown no interest in being held accountable for how they use it.
Are you really confident with this administration having access to this much information about you?
Feeling safer yet?


Third News said...

Stole your idea but failed to link to your post -Thanks

systolic said...

Thanks for reading, I was wondering if anyone was.:)