Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stewards of the Environment

So today Obama gave a speech about how we all must be committed to protecting the environment at Georgetown University, ya know....how fragile the planet is and how,"SOMEBODYS GOTTA DO SOMETHING!!!!!!".
Then everybody left.......first picking up after themselves.

Just kidding, here's what it looked like.

Which is just marginally better than what Occupy Wall Street left behind.

Of course they want to DO SOMETHING!! with somebody elses money. In the meantime Obama is pretty much ignoring the rising deficit, the lack of job opportunities (because he's stifling business with Obamacare and the EPA) , the lack of transparency in his administration and the deliberate targeting of citizens who make any attempt to oppose his policies.
But never fear cause he's got a laser focus on that non-global warming thingy.


Third News said...

Love the simplicity of truth.

Tweeted this but your Blogger service prevents me from rebogging!

systolic said...

There's a lot of things in blogger that are not available if you use IE.
I have to use Chrome to write my posts in.
That's because blogger is owned by Google now so all the goodies are for Chrome.

Third News said...

I use Tor and you show up on my reader but I can't 'like' or reblog a post.

Nor does your gravatar/name display on links I follow but that may be a fixable technical issue

BTW, I hate the "prove you are not a robot" feature here and my experience is that people don't comment because of it

systolic said...

I went ahead and removed it. We'll see how it goes.

Third News said...

You will get some spam but I will try not to be one of them!