Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bradley Manning Verdict

So Bradley Manning was found guilty of every other charge except "aiding the enemy" or at least that's what most liberal news sources headlined with today.

Politico Bradley Manning trial verdict: Acquitted of aiding the enemy, convicted on lesser charges

U.S.News Manning acquitted of aiding enemy but convicted on other charges

Reuters Bradley Manning verdict: Judge finds soldier in WikiLeaks case not guilty of aiding enemy

I mean it goes on and on with the liberal/commie media seeming to signal their relief that Bradley ain't facing the consequences for his actions. Which in the case of "aiding the enemy" could have been life in prison of execution.
Of course they're basically just glossing over the other 19 counts of him leaking classified information which are serious enough on their own.
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The guy is no hero, he purposely gave information to a foreign entity who's main desire is to damage the U.S. as much as possible and of course the liberal/commie media is cheering him on.

Personally I hope he gets the maximum possible for his "lesser" crimes maybe it'll inspire other whistle-blowers to find other ways to divulge government wrong doing with out passing them to enemies of the state.

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