Saturday, July 13, 2013

Got a Match?

Here's how the Tampa Bay Times decides to announce that George Zimmerman's fate lies with the jury.
They ain't deciding whether he "deserved it" they're deciding if he shot Martin in self defense or not, if Zimmerman committed a crime.

My take on this is that the liberal/commie media ginned up the whole thing in order to create more race resentment so that various democrat politicians and race hustlers can continue to exploit it for political gain.
Otherwise this would have just been a tragic local story no worse or better than any one of dozens of shootings every day in places like Chicago or Detroit, New York. Ya know, all those places that have liberal/commie democrats running them.
At first the whole thing fit into the anti-gun, black against white narrative that the liberal/commie media is trying to push. Until they found out Zimmerman was hispanic so they crawled back into their back rooms and came up with absurd descriptions of him as a "white hispanic" or "self described hispanic" all in an effort to push the idea of "other". An "us vs. them" narrative that the liberal/commie media just won't give up on.

The only reason that they're even covering this story is because they can exploit it.
Which is all the biased liberal/commie media seems interested in doing anymore, exploiting others for a liberal agenda and making fools out of the public.

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