Sunday, July 28, 2013

Former Mayor Crackhead endorses Weiner

Good news!!
Another former democrat mayor with poor judgment approves of Weiner as a "good democrat". I suppose it takes one to know one.

Marion Barry: Weiner a 'good Democrat'
Former Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry said Anthony Weiner is a "good Democrat" who should be talking more about his accomplishments in Congress.
In an interview Saturday night on Geraldo Rivera's show on Fox News, Barry said, "One bit of advice to the congressman: I'd stop talking so much about now and start talking about what you did for seven terms while he was in the Congress. He's a good Democrat."
A couple weeks ago, Barry said he can "identify" with what Weiner is going through.
Earlier in the interview, Barry and Rivera clashed about the ex-mayor's past brushes with the law.
Barry, who is now a D.C. Council member, balked at Rivera's characterization of his past drug scandals.~snip~
Does anyone else not see the pattern here?
Apparently a good democrat consists of having poor judgement and a piss poor moral compass. It's also a contradiction in terms.
I gotta ask, out of 350 million people in this country why is this the best we can do as far as leadership?

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