Saturday, July 6, 2013

Media Befuddled by Egypt

I was watching the CBS comedy called the nightly news the other day and was struck by the talking heads utter bewilderment that democratically elected president, like Morsi, could be just thrown out.

U.S.-Egypt relationship uncertain after Morsi's ouster
Days of tense street demonstrations in Egypt built to a dramatic climax on Wednesday, when the Egyptian military removed the Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohammed Morsi from power, installed a temporary civilian government and called for new elections.
Morsi denounced the move, labeling his ouster a "full coup," but he was ultimately unable to leverage his status as the first democratically elected leader of Egypt to remain in power.
Whether President Obama's administration agrees with Morsi's assessment that his removal was a "coup" could have significant ramifications for the future of the U.S.-Egypt relationship, particularly the continuation of roughly $1.3 billion in annual aid provided to the Egyptian military.~snip~
I suppose that they believe that no matter how oppressive or incompetent a country's leader is, if he was elected by a majority of constituents then they don't have a right to realize that they made a mistake and the attempt to show him the door.
(Makes you wonder what other oppressive and incompetent leader they may be preemptively covering for.)

In a true democracy the people have a right to choose another leader if the one elected cannot or will not perform his duties as promised or expected. Morsi was bent on turning Egypt over to radical Islamists enshrining sharia into the law and, like Obamacare, very hard to get rid of when fully implemented.
He and the Muslim Brotherhood oppressed minorities, meaning anyone who wasn't a muslim. 
The people weren't going for it, so they exercised their right to protest and force him out. Democratically elected doesn't mean you got to live with the mistake forever.


Third News said...

The coup/aid not so veiled threat will come back to haunt us; who the hell do they think is in charge of the paper trails in Egypt? I'm pretty sure the Egyptian army has a secure position

systolic said...

I think the Egyptian army will come to the conclusion that the only way to secure the country will be a brutal crackdown of the MB.
They'll regret not doing it the first time around.