Friday, July 26, 2013

Monument Vandalized, Jim Carrey Approves

So a guy who's from Canada and came here to reap millions from the corporate film industry approves of defacing a monument to Lincoln.
July 26, 2013Green paint on Lincoln memorial. Ppl are getting tired of corporate tyranny disguised as democracy. ;^\
Honestly why do we tolerate these asshats? I mean really, what has he done that's anywhere close to being proud of other than take big money from Hollywood for his dismal crap?

Dumb and Dumber didn't elevate anything and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone was a complete flop.
Personally I'm getting tired of no talent hacks expressing their clueless opinions.


Third News said...

How does his quote apply to the vandalism?

systolic said...

How does the vandalism equate with "corporate tyranny"?

Third News said...

Is Jim Carrey claiming the vandalism was a protest? I'm lost as to why he has an idea on who, or why it was done but the media doesn't.

Did I miss the complete story?

systolic said...

No one really knows what the motive is for the vandals. Carrey just decided to come out of left field and post that dribble because he's in solidarity with occupy wall street.
One of the 1% who claims he identifies with the 99% or some such bullshit.