Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Lie

I ran across this article in the Wall Street Journal about some small businessmen in Georgia complaining about having to use E-verify to check and see if anyone applying for a job with them is legally allowed to work in this country.
They ain't liking it at all.

Small Businesses Say U.S. Background-Check System Has Drawbacks
Since January, Daniel VanLoh has turned away nine new dishwashers and one line cook from his four Atlanta, Ga., restaurants within days of hiring them.
The reason: Not one was authorized to work in the U.S., according to background checks he ran on the job applicants using a federal verification system, known as E-Verify.
He says he's now struggling to fill six openings, with some job seekers simply walking away after hearing that the company uses the free, Internet-based system to check their immigration status.
To date, Mr. Van Loh's firm, Rocket Farm Restaurants LLC, has used the system to check 180 recruits. "It has significantly increased our recruiting costs," he says. "We spend time and money recruiting and doing background checks on good candidates, and if the E-Verify comes back with a rejection, we have to start the process all over again."
Recruiting dishwashers is the most difficult. The jobs pay only $8 an hour, or 75 cents more than the federal minimum wage, and they involve a great deal of heavy lifting.
Launched in 1997, E-Verify matches job applicants' Social Security numbers and other identification against a national database kept by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a federal agency under Homeland Security. Those who return a mismatch are deemed to be unauthorized to work. As of July 20, 467,328 employers nationwide, big and small, were enrolled in the system, according to immigration agency data.~snip~
Of course employers have been supposed to check employees eligibility since Ronald Reagan granted amnesty back in 1986. Where again the promises of controlling the border and worker verification were broken by the leftist/commie obstructionists and illegals continued to flood across until we find ourselves looking at "comprehensive immigration reform again".

The truth of it is that illegal immigrants provide unscrupulous employers with a labor base that they can under pay and exploit at will. These types of employers don't want real immigration reform, what they want is a totally compliant labor base, as one guy who owns a business here said to me "I like hiring illegals because I can work them into the ground and pay them shit and they'll come back for more".
Of course not all employers are like that but there are enough to keep illegals flowing across the border.

What "comprehensive immigration reform" will give them in the short term is a pool of low skilled (read low wage) workers that they will be able to "legally" hire. But how long do you think that will last?
A half generation, a full generation? depends on how fast unions and socialist backed "workers rights" groups get  to them.
Then they won't be content with low pay, long hours and crappy conditions. Like any other American they'll want a quality of life, higher income and then the whole cycle will begin again.

The answer to illegal immigration is to wean these employers off of the availability of illegal exploitable workers and require all businesses to use E-verify and to fine those employers who hire illegals.
The problem is not just illegals coming here to take American jobs, it's also the employers giving them one.

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