Sunday, July 21, 2013

The New Low in Liberal Media

Feminism has pretty much knocked women off the pedestal that they once stood upon in years gone by and for the most part I pretty much agree with the idea of equality for women. They are entitled to equal pay for equal work and more fulfillment in life than to be barefoot and pregnant.
But it doesn't seem enough to just knock the pedestal over.....some want to make sure it's ground into dust.

Here we have Melissa Harris-Perry donning a pair of tampon earrings ostensibly in solidarity with the women in Texas who are content with the borderline cleanliness and safety requirements for abortion clinics that existed before SB5 was passed.
Having been married I'm not offended by the sight of tampons, they exist to fill a need so to speak. But I've never known any woman in my life who would put them on display dangling from their body. I also have no idea what the purpose is or what tampons have to do with abortion or even what wearing them proves.

I suppose wearing them dangling from their ears is slightly more preferable than throwing them at Texas legislators, again not what they're designed for. Both of these scenarios show one obvious thing....a lack of class and decorum.
All pro abortion forces care about is winning, they don't care how ugly it is. Also for a news network to be so blatantly biased as to pick a side should be an indication of how the rest of their "news" is covered and can it be trusted.
People who watch these liberal/commie networks should be concerned about what they're not being informed about and demand better.


Third News said...

I completely missed this piece of network theater but it reminded me of Jasmine Rand(representing the Trayvon Martin family)wearing a hoodie for a post-verdict Fox News interview.

Harris Faulkner ignored the childish publicity stunt, thus affording Rand's behavior to match her foolish words

systolic said...

That's all it
Substance left the liberal/commie media long ago.

Third News said...

The media left the media a long time ago too