Monday, July 29, 2013

Could Weiner Pull Out?

It seems that voters want him too.

Poll: Voters Want Weiner Out
A majority of likely voters in September's Democratic primary think Anthony Weiner should end his candidacy to be New York's next mayor, and while a new Quinnipiac University poll shows the disgraced former congressman retains a sizable base of support and remains in the running to advance to an October 1 runoff for the top two finishers, he stands little chance of advancing past that runoff to a general election in November.
The poll, conducted entirely after revelations that Weiner's online dalliances with various women continued well after his resignation from the House, shows City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is back in front, with the backing of 27 percent of likely primary voters. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is second, at 21 percent, virtually tied with former Comptroller Bill Thompson at 20 percent. Weiner now runs fourth, with 16 percent, the poll shows. Seven percent of likely voters are undecided.
This does represent a drop for Weiner: In a Quinnipiac poll conducted just before Weiner admitted his virtual infidelities continued later that previously disclosed, Weiner led Quinn, 26 percent to 22 percent. But the new survey shows that Weiner remains tenuously in contention; because the poll carries a margin of error of plus-or-minus 4.6 percentage points, Weiner is technically within the margin of error for second place.~snip~
It actually seems that there are enough degenerate democrats in NYC who still actually support the guy. I wouldn't hold my breath expecting him to withdraw from the race. Weiners sense of entitlement is to massive to allow him to do that. Why else would he put his wife through a public spectacle?
A lot of people thought Bill Clinton's dalliance with Monica would finish him but guess what?
It didn't, I doubt Weiner will quit and there is still time for him to increase his poll numbers.
As long as another shoe doesn't drop.
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On another note Maureen Dowd takes a shot at excusing Huma Abedin "standing by her man" by blaming it on her upbringing in Saudi Arabia "where women are treated worse by men than anywhere else on the planet".
But of course she offers nothing to explain why Hillary Clinton stayed with her lecherous husband. 

What it comes down to is that liberal/commie democrats will find any way they can to justify anything so long as they can assume power.

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