Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Obama Backed Despot Morsi on his way out?

I've been kind of keeping an eye on what's been going on over in Egypt what with all the protests rejecting Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and can't help thinking that this is the guy that our fearless leader has been propping up since Mubarak was ousted.

The Obama administration fell all over itself to help this guy try and establish an Islamic state and the Egyptian people don't seem to want any of it....or they want something closer to a more secular government like they had before.
Obama sat back on his hands and let Libya be taken over by radical Islam allowing an American Ambassador and others to become trapped and then killed and is arming Syrian "rebels" who are closely aligned with Al Qaeda that do stuff like slaughter Christians and behead priests or cut out hearts and livers to eat.
Al Qaeda?
Wasn't that the group that trained and sent terrorists to crash planes into the world trade center and possibly elsewhere if one plane hadn't crashed into a Pennsylvania field?

Anyway the Egyptian military is threatening to intervene and Morsi is pretty defiant about it claiming he was democratically elected and gathering Islamists and members of the brotherhood to rally to his defense. Even as cabinet officials resign.
The military don't seem to be backing down either.

I don't believe that this will end pretty at all and of course Obama is still trying to prop up the Muslim Brotherhoods pick because that's what he does. Pander to terrorists.

I wonder what would happen if the Egyptian military starts to move against Morsi and all of a sudden  his supporters started showing up with weapons?

This can turn into a raging civil war, one that we need to stay out of and let the Egyptian military oust a possible Islamist despot and call for new elections. Because at this point any interference from the US would damage our reputation even further in the middle east.

Obama needs to quit turning over these countries to radical Islamic terrorists, for our security and theirs.

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