Thursday, July 25, 2013

Obama's Assassination of the Middle Class

So basically Obama gives his major speech on his "pivot" on jobs and resurrecting the middle class and it ends up being the same old,same old.

You know it's gotta be a stinker when even the liberal/commie Yahoo news posts an article telling Obama there ain't much he can do about it.
Even though the article tries to blame the republican congress the majority of commentators ain't buying it.

There's lots that Obama can do about the employment situation and they won't cost taxpayers a dime.
For one thing he can repeal the god awful Obamacare legislation, I mean the problems with that are to numerous to mention but it is a major impediment.
Lowering tax rates on businesses and scaling back on the EPA and loosening environmental obstacles that prevent us from building more refineries for gasoline and all the other products that come from crude oil would be a start.
But see, fighting for the middle class is not on the agenda for Obama and his liberal/commie administration.
Sucking up to left wing special interests groups is.  
That's why we now have so many Americans leaving the labor force and why food stamp participation is so high.

If Obama really wants to help the middle class then all he has to do is get out of the way the free enterprise system will do the rest.

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