Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MSM Moment of Clarity?

From CBS no less.
CBS' John Dickerson: Obamacare Roll Out Appears "Barely Operational".

Here you got the administration running around trying to get sports teams, librarians and anyone else he can find to sell it and CBS let it slip that government is pretty much incompetent on the roll out of the law.
Or are they.
It seems pretty convenient that the penalty for businesses has been delayed until after the 2014 elections. In other words they want to delay it just long enough to try and insure that it won't impact democrats getting re-elected. Since they're the ones who voted for it they don't seem to want to own it.
Pretty sneaky huh?


Third News said...

Wow, admitting the truth? The majority of mainstream media is blaming Obamacare's delayed implementation on republican opposition.

systolic said...

Rare moment here, mark your calendar.