Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More News Speak

What is it with the liberal/commie/media and their desire to always change the language  of a debate to make it a little more palatable?
Add this to the new vernacular along with "same sex marriage", "opposite sex marriage", "undocumented immigrant" and "laser like focus".
“How do you respond to that with such a dramatic closure of access to choice providers for women?”
Yup, choice providers is now the new liberal buzzword for abortion, I suppose it makes low information voters  feel better about ignoring abortion mills like Kermit Gosnells abortion abattoir. But les's not forget about the liberal/commie state and federal officials that ignored the conditions, even when confronted with them,
Funny how they try and redefine it after the "pro-choice" crowds taken such a beating over the last few months.

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