Friday, October 4, 2013

Chad Henderson and liberal Media Spins for Dear Leader

Every once in a while I get some grief from a few people about how I'm too hard on the leftist media scum we're subjected to day after day.
Surprisingly it's not as much as you'd think though.

Thing is that I usually don't have to waith too long before the liberal/commie propaganda arm of the democrat party shows their ass.

After slobbering uncontrollably over someone who claims he actually succeeded in getting an Obamacare policy they find themselves in the position of having to walk it back. Not just some but a whole lot.

 UPDATED: Obamacare Poster Boy Chad Henderson and His Dad Didn't Really Buy Insurance
Chad Henderson is the media’s poster boy for Obamacare. Reporters struggled this week to find individuals who said they had been able to enroll in one of the law’s 36 federally run health-insurance exchanges.
That changed yesterday, when they found Henderson, a 21-year-old student and part-time child-care worker who lives in Georgia and says that he successfully enrolled himself and his father Bill in insurance plans via the online exchange administered at
But in an exclusive phone interview this morning with Reason, Chad's father Bill contradicted virtually every major detail of the story the media can't get enough of. What's more, some of the details that Chad has released are also at odds with published rate schedules and how Obamacare officials say the enrollment system works.
The coverage of Chad Henderson has been massive. He was featured in The Washington Post Thursday as “the Obamacare enrollee that tons of reporters are calling.” He was also profiled in The Huffington Post as someone who “beat the glitches to sign up for Obamacare.” He was interviewed by Politico, multiple local news organizations, and, according to his Facebook feed, was asked to be part of a conference call hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services.~snip~
Leaving aside the fact that the drooling media completely white washed the fact that Chad is an Obamabot and volunteer for OFA because...well why would that matter? It's not like they would lie to gin up support for the abysmal failure of Obamacare, would they?
The story should be the fact that the malfeasant liberal media was so desperate to prop up Obama that they didn't even bother to vet the story before running with it on all four legs.
It took bloggers to dig up Chads association with the cheerleaders of OFA and other news sources who didn't have their heads firmly planted up Obama's ass to find out that all he did was get through the first layer without actually obtaining an over priced sub par policy.

So now that the liberal/commie media has embarrassed themselves again you gotta wonder if it'll be the tipping point needed to reform their chief role as water carriers for the Obamessiah.
Somehow I doubt it.

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