Friday, October 18, 2013

Liberal Media:We'll Tell you When to Be Offended

It appears that the liberal/commie media thinks it has the responsibility to tell us what's moral and what's not.
You know, the same people who's neglected to hold Obama accountable for....well anything, tells us how reprehensible the second amendment is, how Christianity is destroying the country and patriots/conservatives are little more than terrorists.

As if there aren't more serious issues related to native Americans.

Daniel Snyder's Best Possible Answer to Critics of the Redskins' Name
Another football season is upon us, which means another opportunity for America to engage in another autumn ritual—condemnation and praise for the controversial nickname of Washington's professional football team. This always strikes me as hypocritical—bordering on the cruel. As a nation, we spend virtually no time discussing grave issues of concern to Native Americans. Most of us could care less about the way our laws and policies treat them. And yet every fall our airwaves are filled with passionate debate over the merits of a team's nickname. Talk about misplaced priorities.
The brunt of the focus has been on the Redskins' owner, Daniel Snyder, who has been defending his decision to keep the team's name. Some respect this choice. Others scorn it. Few are neutral. None have suggested, however, that Snyder could use the current spotlight to make a critical point about the way in which white America, and black America for that matter, believe they can assuage their guilt over the mistreatment of Native Americans by taking a stand on a symbol rather than by demanding substantive reforms. If Snyder really wants to call out these Helmet Hypocrites, here's what he should say:~snip~
To the PC liberal types out there this whole "controversy" is the least they can do in their self important minds to brow beat everyone else as neanderthals so they can pat themselves on the back and wallow in their own smugness.
But then again that's what PC liberals do, the very least, by focusing on the one thing that even most native Americans could care less about then they get to avoid addressing the really big issues of concern for native Americans.
They can again deflect responsibility away from Obama and his administration to "do something" about the much more egregious slights that Washington has made towards native Americans. Because their messiah holds high office, instead of looking to him to alleviate the more serious wrongs, they point their fingers at "racist" Americans.
Lecturing them to do something that changes nothing.
Again we're subjected to liberal/commies self righteousness and demands for symbolism instead of substance.

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