Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cold Front Moving into Hell?

Must be a freeze warning in Hades, CNN actually being critical of the Obama administration?
Almost 5 year into this failed administration and just now someone hits these idiots with a clue bat.
Better late than never I suppose.


Third News said...

Interesting, to follow any brachyology, her career,or no career

systolic said...

I think the liberal/commie press believes that Barry will be entering lame duck status sooner than others and like good little DNC lickspittle sycophants are polishing the apple getting ready for Hillary's run in 2016.

After their performance over the last few decades it's hard to believe that they have suddenly developed scruples,ethics or a desire to become reporters.

Third News said...

Yours is the first thinking comment on the mainstream media's about-face, and it resonates simple truth