Tuesday, October 1, 2013

McClueless Strikes Again

So here we are with the federal government shutting down for the purpose of trying to get the democrats to drop a onerous tax on medical devices and delay implementation of Obamacare for a year and John McCain continues with stupid.

It's an Apocalypse!!!!
A string of unexpected events marked the first day of the federal government shutdown.

The Department of Defense released a statement early Tuesday that shocked college sports fans. The department said that all athletic competitions at the Army, Navy and Air Force academies would be postponed for as long as the government remained closed.
The Air Force and Navy are scheduled to square off in a sold-out, nationally televised football game on Saturday, while the Army has a planned match-up against Boston College. If the government impasse isn’t resolved by Thursday, both games will be suspended.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a graduate of the Naval Academy, told reporters that the cancelation of the Air Force-Navy game would be the “defining moment” of the shutdown.

“The apocalypse is upon us,” McCain lamented
Yup, the same guy who uncontrollably pandered to the democrats in public.
Like trying to come up with a strategy to prevent government from taking over 1/6th of our economy and turning over all our financial and medical information to a leftist partisan government agency who makes decisions about how they enforce the tax law on political positions is so much more less important.
McCain is one of the reasons that the republican party is a laughing stock and will continue to be one until we elect people with principles.

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Third News said...

Football game gets cancelled? I love the 'sequester nature' of the doom & gloom predictions.

BTW, cancelling this game may backfire on the Democrats by making women happy, and voting republican ;-)