Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Democrats Still Making Friends

So this clown refers to people who oppose democrats as "Taliban" and by extension anyone who supports them.
What's amazing about this is that all the leading democrats resort to name calling because they get away with it. The sad thing is that's all they have but to many people this is the only form of political discourse they understand. If a democrat says it it must be true.
The voters need to wise up and quit letting them get away with it.


Third News said...

I have to believe that these comments will come back to haunt politicians when they campaign again...otherwise, the spiral continues. Unfortunately, the pundits are less likely to face consequences.

systolic said...

I don't why you'd think that.
The media has a very short memory when it comes to democrats.

Third News said...

The media does but their comments will make an excellent ad for their opposition during the next campaign, and uniquely, it does not matter if it is another Democrat trying to take their seat, or a Republican just running against them