Saturday, October 19, 2013

Offensive "Journalism"

So I'm looking over at Twitchy and run across this:
Why bother putting the word "offensive" in there in the first place?
Because the weak minded (yeah I've already had one make a comment on a previous post) will pick up that word and become offended by the guys free speech.
It must be exhausting for the liberal/commie media to constantly be carrying water for Obama and his administration. Not just on the national level but the local also.
The media doesn't even try to hide it anymore because,lets face it, they really don't have to because not enough voters are really paying attention.
I realize that I'm pointing out what should be obvious but it appears that it isn't, because if it was then a lot more people wouldn't let them get away with it.
I'm still hoping that sometime in the future citizens will get tired of this kind of naked manipulation and lash back at these Obama/democrat syncophants.

But I ain't holding my breath.


Third News said...

It will be interesting when the media starts dumping employees because of insurance costs...or, should I say offensively scary -Boo!

systolic said...

Apparently it's only offensive if it relates to Obama in some way. Google Bush effigy or Sarah Palin effigy and see what a sense of humor the leftists have.

And BOO!!! back at ya.

Third News said...

Lol -ya scared me.

third news said...

BTW, what time is it there?

systolic said...

Right now it's 1:35 AM.

Third News said...

I thought you were up past your bedtime! ;-)