Saturday, October 12, 2013

How Bad is the Obamacare Rollout?........... bad that even NBC noticed.
In a very rare departure from the medias incessant cheerleading for the Obamessiah NBC news actually reports on what is abundantly clear to anyone paying attention.
Whatever the government touches becomes an overpriced incompetently run debacle.


Third News said...

Insurance is doubling and tripling; people just can't afford Obamacare -even for those who wanted it, and voted for the President with 'reduced' insurance in mind

systolic said...

I believe it was designed to fail so Obama and his cronies could switch to a single payer system.

i am covertress said...

Was LOL at your comment because I read,

"so Obama and his cronies could switch to a single Prayer system."

Regardless, I believe it was simply designed to fail. Period.

systolic said...

Heh, wish I was that clever.
A single prayer system is a closer reality though. People will be praying that they can afford the premiums and the high deductibles.
If someone has to pay $12,000 to $15,000 before the insurance kicks in then that's hardly being covered.