Monday, October 14, 2013

White Liberal Bob Costas Offended by Redskins

Possibly the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to TV talking heads is "sportscasters". Being lectured to by one of them is roughly equivalent to having a democrat tell someone about the constitution.
Yet here is good old Bob Costas explaining about how painful the Washington Redskins name is to an audience that's made up of at least 50% of viewers who are fans of the team.
While he enjoys a fat paycheck for bobbing his head and moving his lips at half time during said game.
Over an issue that,except for the Washington Post, the majority of people couldn't care less about.
Have the people spoken?

I hate to spring it on this self righteous douche bag but football is entertainment, people watch the game to be entertained not watch some smug has been lecture them on their insensitivity.
Note for NBC, If Costas wants to get his smug on then tell him to write a blog post or letter to the editor, instead of pissing people off by droning on about nothing on your dime.
Also Bob, next time you feel like hanging your hypocrisy out there for the entire world to see just take a sniff of your own smugness and leave the rest of us alone.


Third News said...

One more reason in my ban football plan ;-)

systolic said...

Don't ban football, ban sportscasters.
They don't add anything but continuous droning on about their current player bromance.
I usually watch with the sound muted but I do miss the stadium noise.

Third News said...

Sorry, but I never liked football, and never will. I could only name a sportscaster because he either said something stupid, or he was caught with his pants down