Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Media Bias?

Because the democrats keep offering their hand across the aisle and the republicans slap it back.
No wait......

TV network stories blame Republicans, 21-0, for shutdown, not Democrats
The nation’s big three news networks are falling right into place for President Obama and the Democrats, blaming the Republican Party for the government shutdown by a whopping 21-0 story count.
According to a survey by the conservative media watchdog Media Research Center, in 39 stories during the two weeks leading up to the shutdown, CBS, ABC and NBC blamed the failure to cut a budget deal on the Republicans 21 times, both parties four times, and Democrats zero times. In 14 stories, nobody was to blame.
Some examples of how the story is being played on the networks:
– "CBS Evening News" correspondent Nancy Cordes on Sept. 18: “Speaker Boehner was forced into the risky strategy by his right flank ... [a strategy] one Senate Republican described to us today as suicide.”
– ABC’s Diane Sawyer: “The president expressed outrage that one faction in one house of Congress is ready to bring the entire federal government to a halt.”
– "Face The Nation" host Bob Schieffer: “Will the moderate and more establishment Republicans continue to go along with the ultraconservatives? ... We’re headed to a shutdown unless the moderates in the House revolt.”~snip~
Checks and balances , that's what our government is supposed to do and while republicans deserve some jazz for the way they've handled it Obama and the democrats should be held accountable for their intransigence on the issues also.
But seeing as how the liberal/commie media is the propaganda arm of the democratic party it's a pretty sure bet that it'll be the republicans fault only 24/7.
The sad part is that is that a lot of people will fall for the medias leftist propaganda.

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