Monday, October 28, 2013

Facing the Truth about Obamacare

We're starting to see more stories like this.

Over 96 Percent of Obamacare Enrollees in Maryland Signed Up for Medicaid
Back on October 22, Jim Geraghty explained why it was important to separate new Medicaid enrollments out from the total enrollment numbers for Obamacare.
We can do that now with Maryland’s state-run exchange, Maryland Health Connection. According to a press release Friday, 85,659 people have enrolled through the exchange. However, 82,473 of those have signed up for Medicaid, accounting for just over 96 percent of sign ups.
Of course, Maryland isn’t the only state with more enrollments in Medicaid than in insurance plans; both Kentucky and New York are seeing the same phenomenon.
Of course we got a hint of the real agenda with Obama's response to Joe the Plumber before the election, the redistribution of income.
The liberal/commie media then went into "cover Obama's ass" mode immediately to carry their messiahs water while simultaneously doing their trademark willful omission of anything that might embarrass the democrat party or Obama.
Leftwing media
NBC is just now reporting that Obama knew that those who liked their insurance couldn't keep it even when he was mouthing the words. Pretty much after the fact and while Obamacare swiftly dismantles the current system.
It's no coincidence that those who are shocked by the increase in premiums are the people who've worked hard and been responsible for themselves and their own health insurance. But a very large number of people will receive very low cost to free healthcare (close to half) while those in higher tax brackets will be punished  for being able to take care of themselves. All while crippling the economy and making more people dependent on government for their needs.
This has been the plan all along, to shift the burden and expense of healthcare to those who have the audacity to earn enough to be independent from the government. A monumental redistribution of wealth.

The real crime here is the complicity of the lickspittle media who, while Pelosi was saying we need to pass it to see what's in it" deliberately withheld reporting what the pitfalls were along with the breathless news about preexisting conditions and adult children hanging onto mom and dads insurance. All for the purpose of covering up for the administration before the next election so the American people couldn't make an informed decision.

So the question is, if the derelict media isn't going to act like a free press, why do they still deserve the constitutional protections of one?
Also when are the American people going to finally hold them accountable?

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