Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Harry Reid says it's not all "for the children"

Because sitting at home on furlough is equivalent to a child suffering with cancer. It's pretty bad when obdurate liberal political partisanship trumps life or death.
I also find it kind of myopic for Reid and the democrats being bothered by idled, and redundant, federal workers and yet having not one wit of concern for people driven from the work force or into part time employment.

Never fear though dingy, the commie/liberal media will always have your back. No matter how big a clueless doofus you are.


Third News said...

Harry Reid doesn't understand the ignorance of his remark, and neither did the reporters at the press conference.

A clinical trial's purpose is never about the one child, it is an investigation into the potential of a drug to cure, or to control a chronic disease.

In fact, if a drug shows promise, and leads to application, it could not only save as many children afflicted with the specific cancer, but be manipulated into treating adults -or, other diseases.

This drug, as any, has the potential to recure or save millions.

systolic said...

The issue isn't necessarily what people understand about drug trials as much as what Dingy Harry and the democrats think is worthy to cut during a shutdown.
NIH funding for drug trials should be a slightly greater priority than say....the Army/Navy game.

The goal of the democrats is to use this as an opportunity to inflict as much pain on the citizens and then saturate the media about how it's all the republicans fault.

The myth being shattered is democrats care more than anyone else when the truth is for them ideology trumps everything.

Third News said...

My point was that the media is focusing on the one child but Reid's political game could possibly result in the deaths of many children.

systolic said...

I know and you get no argument from me.