Sunday, October 20, 2013

Irritating Things About the NFL

Plenty of info here.
Bob Costa's periodic lectures aside I personally think it's about time that the networks get rid of their overpaid, pompous , blow dried talking heads during football games.

I've felt this way for a long time, mostly because these guys really don't add anything to the game and their obvious "bromances" for certain quarterbacks gets pretty tedious. It's not a new thing.

Troy Aikman was the recipient of many broadcast booth admirations from afar, now it's Tom Brady and Tony Romo (to name a couple) who can do no wrong.
Not that I have anything against those two guys but the way they're slobbered over in the press booth, along with others, gets embarrassing at times and distracts from the game.

Now I know a lot of people will suggest that I just mute the TV and eliminate the distraction completely but without the crowd noise and the sounds of the game it's just not as exciting. Entertainment and excitement is why I watch the game.
On the very rare occasions when the announcers booth has gotten a technical glitch and their microphones go silent the sounds of the game without the droning commentary has been bliss.
There's more than enough information displayed nowadays to make play by play commentary moot.
You can see the score, what down it is, yards to go, the play clock and scrolling info that can keep you up to date on other games throughout the day.
Hell the refs are even fitted with wireless microphones so you can hear what their call is.

If you want to massage the talking heads egos then let them prattle on during halftime, at least then we can do something useful like go to the bathroom,get a snack or another beer.

It's about time the networks give the fans a break from these pompous jackasses, just because you hired them don't mean the rest of have to suffer.


Third News said...

I was just thinking, if they gave the viewer a 'self-serve' option of finding out what you wanted to know on the screen, or via an app, along with blocking the announcer's booth -political rants and all- they might be surprised how little the Costas of the world are wanted or needed

systolic said...

The talking heads would have a melt down.
As unbelievable as it sounds they actually think people like them.

It would be quite the blow to their self-esteem.