Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Brian Williams has a puppy


Brian Williams holds puppy, hopes world forgets he’s a liar
Disgraced NBC News anchor Brian Williams emerged from hiding this week with a feel-good prop: an adorable pup.
The truth-challenged newsman — who had been mostly out of sight since being suspended in February for a raft of lies — was photographed hugging daughter Allison’s pooch on the street in Manhattan on Monday.
Williams, 55, posed as just another seemingly carefree guy out for a walk with his family — all while readily smiling for the camera, cuddling his starlet daughter’s young golden retriever, Moxie.
He was joined by his wife, Jane Stoddard Williams, to celebrate his “Girls’’ actress daughter’s 27th birthday near her Chelsea apartment. The sappy, made-for-TV moment prompted speculation that he’s ready to return to the public eye and try to reclaim his chair behind the network’s news desk.~snip~
I suppose if Hillary Clinton can try and pass herself off as "just regular folk" then Brian can deflect the public with a puppy.
Just how little do the elites respect the intelligence of the average person?

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