Friday, April 24, 2015

Getaway On a Wheelchair

Seems this could have taken a bit more planning.

Cops: Robber Made Getaway On Wheelchair
APRIL 23--After breaking into the home of a 79-year-old amputee early this morning, a California man stole the victim’s cell phone and then pushed him out of his electric wheelchair, which he then rode away from the crime scene, police allege.
According to investigators, Stanley McQuery, 54, broke into the San Diego apartment of William Ballard around 3:30 AM. 
Ballard, who has one leg, was seated in his wheelchair when he confronted the home invader. As Ballard attempted to call for help, McQuery “pushed the victim off his electric wheelchair and took the victim's cell phone,” according to a San Diego Police Department report. 
McQuery then “rode off with the victim's wheelchair and cell phone,” cops noted.
The suspect, however, did not get far.~snip~
 Not all criminals are diabolical geniuses.

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