Thursday, April 9, 2015

'Leviathan' Some Sci-Fi Originality

I've always been a big science fiction fan.
I started reading it when I was about 12 and ran through the science fiction sections at both the school library and public library. I watched Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits the original Star Trek and whatever else was offered on TV or at the movies.

But I've gotten a little tired of the repetitive worlds of Jedi and Klingon's so when I saw this I thought here's a great opportunity to see something epic and original.

Awesome Sci-Fi Short 'Leviathan' to Become Full-Length Feature: Report
A jaw-dropping short film featuring loating space monsters swimming through clouds on an alien planet is coming to a theatre near you: the "Leviathan" science fiction project has been greenlit to become a feature film.~
~The teaser trailer is prefaced with text explaining the premise of the story, which takes place in the early 22nd century, when humankind has achieved faster than light travel using an exotic material found in the eggs of the largest species ever discovered. As the short film so clearly demonstrates, hunting these eggs is a dangerous occupation, and most people who do it are "involuntary labor."~
I'll be watching for this.

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