Monday, April 6, 2015

Social Justice vs "Journalism"

I don't think anybody can deny that it's been a rough week for "journalism". Between a ABC 57 reporter searching high and low fora business that would give them a sound bite for the purpose of stoking outrage to a CBS 6 employee reporting the GoFundMe page of the business targeted "just in case" to Rolling Stone retracting their story on UVA gang rape it hasn't been good for media credibility.

While some milquetoast and inadequate apologies have come forth no heads will roll, Everyone, so far, keeps their job.
Which simply means they were doing what these "news" businesses want,
Being Social Justice Warriors.(SJW)

Reporting facts and unbiased investigation are just so passe', the mission now is "make the world a better place" by slanting reports or ignoring any facts that don't fit into the world view of the SJW.
The media has put us on notice that they will present stories that conform to their world view ubtil we all agree with it, As opposed to just getting the facts and making up our own minds.

We are now in the era of forced group think whether we like it or not.

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