Saturday, April 25, 2015

Brian Williams investigation not going so well.....

For Brian Williams.

So far, NBC News finds Brian Williams embellished at least 11 times
A months-long internal investigation of Brian Williams by NBC News has turned up 11 instances in which the anchorman publicly embellished details of his reporting exploits, according to a person familiar with details of the probe. 
NBC undertook the examination of Williams’ statement after he apologized in early February for saying on “NBC Nightly News” that a military helicopter in which he was traveling at the start of the Iraq War had been damaged by rocket fire. His account was challenged by soldiers who were on the flight, leading to a furor that prompted NBC to suspend Williams for six months without pay and to investigate other statements he’s made. 
The Iraq claim was one of the 11 suspect statements that a team of NBC News journalists has identified during the inquiry, said the individual, who asked not to be identified because he isn’t authorized to talk about an internal matter. 
The investigators, led by NBC News senior executive producer Richard Esposito, have also raised doubts about Williams’ comments about his experiences covering Israel’s military action against Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006. In an interview with a student-run television station at Fairfield University in Connecticut in 2007, Williams said he saw rockets passing “just beneath” the Israel helicopter in which he was traveling. But Williams gave a less harrowing account of the same trip in an NBC News blog a year earlier.~snip~
Deception is the liberal/commie medias strategy through distortion,embellishment or omission. The unique thing about Brian Williams is that he got caught so now we have a window into the non-stop propaganda machine that is the "main stream media".
If Brian Williams is forced out the problem will not have been solved. The media needs to be purged of all the self-promoting leftists and honest journalists put in their places.
Yeah I know "honest journalist" is an oxymoron but I've heard that they exist.

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